1st iPhone photo!

After 5 years with the Droid, I finally got an iPhone!  I have wanted one since they first come out but would not do a 2-year contract with anyone…..AT&T left me with emotional scars when I foolishly had to have that cool Blackberry……  And then the no contract plans started offering the iPhones, but holy cow the price!!!!!  So I waited.  The android phones made calls and over time got to be pretty nice. However, I still lusted for the iPhone.

Then a few months ago I discovered Ting. The new kind of mobile phone company.  They break your bill down into 3 areas; calls, text, and data. You are billed according to what you use, no contract and you can bring your own device (as long as it is a Sprint device)! So you actually own your phone and you don’t have all the garbage that the cell phone companies put in there for their benefit. Now I had a cellular service provider that allowed me to choose what device and how much I wanted to spend on my monthly bill.

All I needed was the iPhone.  But I still did not want to spend 500 – 800 bucks on a device that was so easily stolen, dropped or found it’s way over the side of a boat.  My next discovery was Glyde. They buy and sell used mobile devices as well as video games.  I selected an iPhone 4s with 32g of storage for 200 bucks! Yes it did take me 2 weeks of checking in every other day to see what was available (it is a first come first serve on inventory and I don’t think my phone had been listed for 15 minutes when I snagged it), but I knew up front that it wasn’t a stolen phone, what network it would work on and I had 48 hours after delivery to report any problem whatsoever.  The phone arrived on time and activated without any problems.  Glyde rocks!

We celebrated at a favorite diner and I snapped my first iPhone photo of my first born.  A good time was had by all.

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