Apple let me down

I was one of the first to upgrade to Mavericks…and I find it frustrating. Today I am mostly pissed at the new Pages. I had been happy with Pages 09, but it wouldn’t let me save to the iCloud and I updated everything when I updated the OS. I used Pages to create my storyboard template for the new storybook app I have been working on.  We are talking all the pages of the storybook app with the associated text. The artwork was all that was needed. And this new improved Pages did not convert cleanly the doc created with 09 to what is now Pages 5. I have yet to figure out how to fix it. I can’t even create a new document based on the template with more than 2 freaking pages. This shit I expected from Microsoft, but not Apple. Apple products always just worked. I knew I wouldn’t be doing the upgrade dance (put your left arm over your head, twirl around 3 times and sing, “I’m a little tea pot”) and so I have been comfortable being among the first to upgrade their software. But then Steven Jobs died and Apple began answering to investors with regard to their development cycle. They are releasing product before it is ready and then playing catch-up with updates. I am sad to say, never again will I trust Apple to just work. I will now wait for several months after a new product release to upgrade. I hope I will not need to look around for where I put my copy of “I’m a little tea pot”.

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