New toys

I have a tendency to get sidetracked by new toys. One of my latest has been setting up a news feed for myself.  Ever since Google pulled its reader, I have been looking for something to replace it.  Only made sense to look at open source stuff so I could have full control. I have found it or rather my new host provider pointed me in the right direction with an article on their blog. The software is called Tiny Tiny RSS and it is a pretty straight forward set up. I even found clients for my iOS and android devices.

Another new toy is a iOS app called Post and it lets me post and interacts with my website using my iPad. In fact, I am using to write this post. As a rule, these iOS apps don’t provide much in the way of documentation, I guess the developers think their interfaces are so intuitive that you will just know how the thing works. It doesn’t always work like that. But so far the Post app has been easy to figure out.

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